NEWSletter 2017

Dear Guest

The year 2017 was another interesting year with many changes both big and small. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you tremendously for being a part of this story. When we started with the first two houses, we had a total of 25 bookings. This year we had over 270 bookings and the numbers are still growing. However, our aim is not to grow without limits but to focus on sustainable growth and quality. We value the feedback of our guests and so try to improve our houses every year.

Hvalvatnsfjörður, (c) Reto Kuhn 2017

Hvalvatnsfjörður, (c) Reto Kuhn 2017

The nollur houses



When we visited Nollur for the first time, it was rented out to a guy from the nearby village Grenivik. He kept horses there. The buildings were no longer maintained and there was no fresh water, limited electrical power, no waste water treatment and of course no internet.



Today, we own four comfortable guest houses at our farm, two in Grenivik and two in Akureyri. The farm is still active and our neighbor has 200 mother sheep here during winter time. A new house and a spa with sauna and pool is planned for 2019.

This year we changed many small details: The house Leifsstaðir has new street lights of the same type as in Nollur. We also added a bath house to the oak hot tub. For the huge land plot around the house Hrafnabjörg we bought a 4x4 lawnmower purchased from Italy. In Nollur the water supply was improved with a reservoir and a water treatment system. In summer we built a wooden cube for the new church bells from Germany from 1920. The house Súlur got a new shelf and the sheep stable was renovated. The landscape around the new workshop was cultivated and a bronze sculpture of the German artist Thomas Reichstein was placed. For the house Krýsuvík we planned, produced and installed a new kitchen and the chairs at the house Vallholt were newly upholstered using calf skin. And last but not least we bought a used tractor for snow plowing and snow milling.

This effort and investment in Nollur, with which we are well pleased, gives us peace of mind, knowing that it will contribute to providing an atmosphere of comfort and well-being for our guest.

Plans 2019

Projects planned for end of the years 2018 and 2019 consist of building a new house, based on plans from the Swiss architect Roland Burkard. The house will be situated on the southernmost corner of the plot of land near the house Súlur. In front of the house there will be a bathhouse with a sauna. The new buildings will not restrict the view of the existing houses and the new access paths improve the privacy of the houses Krýsuvík and Súlur. The main construction phase with impact on the house Súlur is planned from November 2018 until April 2019. For this timeframe the price of that house is reduced 75% from the high season price. 

The new house has three bedrooms for a total of six people. Two sleeping rooms are en suite. All bedrooms face towards the central atrium space. The living room has frame-less panorama windows on three sides. The beautiful, strong contrast between concrete and different types natural wood and the breathtaking view to the fjord makes this house one of the most beautiful locations in the Eyafjord all year around.



more pictures of 2017 are here

Excursion ideas

Below are a few ideas for trips - most of them we make every year because they are special, beautiful and unique. Here we share some of our secrets...

Thank you

Thank you for your visits the last few years.

A wonderful and successful New Year to everyone. We would love to see you again in 2018 and will continue working towards making your stay a memorable occasion for you and family.

Best regards, your hosts
Thomas, Anna-Bára and Sigga

Special thanks to all the helpers and supporters. To name a few: Maggi and Svanur from Valmenn, Þorgrímur from Bútur, Stebbi from Icefox, Carmen, Tara and Anna-Katharina for the administration, Peter and Luis for the help on site and the many people contributing to this fascinating project.