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Kaldbakur Nollur

A spacious, luxurious house with a lot of natural wood on the Nollur farm at Eyafjord.

The house Kaldbakur is situated on the Nollur farm and offers privacy as well as perfect panoramic views. Only first-class natural materials have been used for this spacious house. The 60 m2 living room and kitchen offers an unrestricted view of the fjord. The 6 m2 hot tub is situated under the roof and allows relaxing and enjoying the fantastic views. The designer bathroom has a large shower (4 m2) as well as a tumbler and a washing machine. The first bedroom has four beds (a bunk bed and a bed sofa), the second bedroom a fantastic king-size bed made of walnut. All rooms have a view to the west.


House: 120 m²
Bedrooms: 3
Sleeps: 6
  Bathrooms: 1